The Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience (Bertarelli Chair in Cognitive Neuroprosthetics) targets the brain mechanisms of body perception, body awareness and self-consciousness.
Projects rely on the investigation of healthy subjects, neurological, psychiatric, orthopedic patients by combining psychophysical and cognitive paradigms, state of the art neuroimaging techniques (high resolution fMRI, intracranial and surface EEG, TMS), and engineering-based approaches (virtual reality, vestibular stimulation, and robotics).
Next to studying the brain mechanisms of body perception, cognition, and self-consciousness, we pursue a very active line of research in neuroprosthetics, sensory substitution, neurorehabilitation in interdisciplinary fields of virtual reality, neuroscience, robotics, haptics, and brain-computer interfaces.

Oliver Kannape, PhD, joins the lab and MindMaze SA

Oliver Kannape is the most recent addition to the team of Olaf Blanke. Being an enthusiast of translational research, Oliver has taken up a dual role as senior scientist in the LNCO, and science coordinator at MindMaze SA. His main focus

Breakthrough neurotechnology for treating paralysis


Three patients with chronic paraplegia were able to walk over ground thanks to precise electrical stimulation of their spinal cords via a wireless implant. In a double study published in Nature and Nature Neuroscience, Swiss scientists G

Modifying a virtual environment in just a few clicks


Creating and modifying a virtual reality environment just got a lot easier thanks to software being released today by Imverse, an EPFL spin-off. The secret behind Imverse’s program, which works much like a photo editor, is a three-dime

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