The Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience (Bertarelli Chair in Cognitive Neuroprosthetics) targets the brain mechanisms of body perception, body awareness and self-consciousness.
Projects rely on the investigation of healthy subjects, neurological, psychiatric, orthopedic patients by combining psychophysical and cognitive paradigms, state of the art neuroimaging techniques (high resolution fMRI, intracranial and surface EEG, TMS), and engineering-based approaches (virtual reality, vestibular stimulation, and robotics).
Next to studying the brain mechanisms of body perception, cognition, and self-consciousness, we pursue a very active line of research in neuroprosthetics, sensory substitution, neurorehabilitation in interdisciplinary fields of virtual reality, neuroscience, robotics, haptics, and brain-computer interfaces.

Dr N. Faivre awarded ERC Starting Grant

CNRS Scientist and senior researcher in Prof O. Blanke Laboratory, Nathan Faivre will start his ERC project "The motor hypothesis for self-monitoring: A new framework to understand and treat metacognitive failures." in 2019 in collaborat

A prosthetic that restores the sense of where your hand is


Researchers have developed a next-generation bionic hand that allows amputees to regain their proprioception. The results of the study, which have been published in Science Robotics, are the culmination of ten years of robotics research.

Eleven EPFL startups in Las Vegas


This week, eleven EPFL startups are in Las Vegas to tout their technologies at the Consumer Electronics Show, one of the largest events of its kind. Specialists and investors from around the world will be on hand to check out the drones

Industrial partners and hospitals