Virtual Reality Engineer for Cognitive Neuroscience (Full-time 100%)

DESCRIPTION: The mission of the Virtual Reality Engineer at the Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience in the Center for Neuroprosthetics is to design and implement technological solutions supporting the experimental neuroscience work of the Lab’s researchers. The successful candidate will work in a dynamic academic environment and will be responsible for the development of software using the two main experimental platforms of the Lab (ExpyVR & RealiSM) and for the setup and testing of the required hardware. She/he will work in close collaboration with the senior scientists and VR engineers of the Lab, and will help establishing the technical guidelines together.

The successful candidate will be responsible for the programming of new tools and interfaces for cutting-edge virtual and augmented reality, for the integration of new devices, and the creation of new components and modules for the Lab’s software platforms. The successful candidate will ensure the integration of developed VR systems with neuroscience research technologies for physiological signal recording (ECG, EMG, BVP, etc.), neuroimaging (EEG, fMRI) and neurostimulation (TMS, tDCS).

TASKS: In practical terms, the VR engineer at LNCO will:

  • Build experiments using the two main software platforms of the lab (exceptionally Unity 3D) and setup the necessary hardware for them
  • Program new components and modules for the integration of new devices and to solve other technological needs (e.g. audio, video, 3D graphics, mixed realities, computer vision, robotics interfacing, motion tracking, data acquisition, etc.)

  • Manage and maintain the related IT projects (user access control, code repository, data archiving, issue tracking, and documentation)

  • Take part in scientific meetings and other academic activities

  • Assist and support the technical lab manager and the senior VR engineer in various tasks (purchases, collaboration projects, demos, interfacing with the workshop, etc.)

CONTEXT: The successful candidate will be involved in collaborative research projects of the Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience, part of the EPFL Center for Neuroprosthetics, where her/his role will be to turn the researchers’ needs into technological solutions and to offer the technical support throughout the entirety of the project. Such projects will be developed in the context of body perception, body awareness and consciousness research. These projects rely on the investigation of healthy subjects and patients by combining psychophysical and cognitive paradigms, state of the art neuroimaging techniques (fMRI, EEG, TMS), and engineering-based approaches (virtual reality, vestibular stimulation, BCI and robotics) to pursue a very active line of research in neuroprosthetics, sensory substitution and neurorehabilitation.


MSc in Computer Science or similar Computer Engineering Degree
Experience with device interfacing and data acquisition
Python, C/C++, OpenGL, GLSL
Microsoft Windows
English (professional working proficiency)


Immersive Virtual Reality technologies
Computer Vision & Motion Tracking
Experience with multi-threaded programming, complex data structures and network communication
Unity 3D, LabVIEW, Visual Studio, MATLAB, Blender, Poser
French (professional or limited working proficiency)


Good organization and communication skills
Quick learner
Problem solver


Cognitive Neuroscience Research (LNCO)

Reality Substitution Platform (RealiSM)

VR Experiment Design Platform (ExpyVR)


Javier Bello Ruiz (
Technical Lab Manager and Virtual Reality Engineer
Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience
Center for Neuroprosthetics
Campus Biotech Geneva